15 November 2022 – Chapel

Gathering Music

Call to Worship

Jacqueline Chipongo

Leader: Arise! Shine! Christ’s Church has assembled.
People: We are one body, with Christ as our head.
Leader: What kind of body is this?
People: The Body of Christ, brought together not by human flesh, but by the sovereign Lord.
Leader: And who does he call us to be?
People: A people who look not to their own interests, but to the interests of other. Those who proclaim the goodness of their Lord.
Leader: Come, let us worship as one united body.

Opening Song

Rudaviro Mvundura, soloist

Spoken Word


Henry Anyomi

Scripture Reading

Samantha Nyachoto


Isaac Minkah

Prayer of the Day

Desire Tiriwepi


Isaac Minkah

Sending Song

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