14 October 2020

Jacqueline Tam


Mighty and powerful God, who heals broken hearts and restores our very being, we ask that you lend us your strength today. We are weary of the hateful talk and fear-driven actions that have engulfed us this year. We are weary of death, heartache, and grief. Enliven us for the ongoing work of justice. Embolden us to continue to speak truth to power in your name, even though we are exhausted. May we find rest in you. In the one who provides perfect peace we pray, Amen.


We invite you to spend time in quiet meditation on this image. Carve out a moment in your day just to rest in the presence of God. (Jacqueline Tam)


“Fall Afresh” by Bethel Music http://bit.ly/fallafreshBethel

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