7 November 2018

Gathering Music Kanisa Litagenjua Kanisa litagenua,  na kina nani 2x Iyo! Kanisa litagenua,  na mimi na wewe 2x Iyo! Kanisa litagenua,  na mama na papa 2x Iyo! Kanisa litagenua,  na watoto 2x Iyo! Call to Prayer Mark Miller Come, Come, whoever you are! Wanderer, worshipper, lover of leaving. Come. This is not a caravan of […]

1 November 2018

Gathering Music Call to Worship One: + In the name of God: Creator, Christ, and Holy Spirit. Many: Amen One: Grace to you and peace from God, our Creator, the love at our beginning and without end, in our midst and with us Many: God is with us, here we find new life One: Let […]

31 October 2018

Happy Halloween! Gathering Music “Every Praise” “Only Love Can Do That” Call to Prayer Dr. Kate Ott One: Today we join to commemorate all the faithfully departed in our lives. Today especially, we remember those lives stolen this week in Pittsburgh and Kentucky. Today we gather to pray and to remember, to offer blessings and […]

30 October 2018

Vigil for the Tree of Life Synagogue and All Acts of Hatred and Violence Gathering Music “Only Love” Darkness cannot drive out darkness Hatred cannot drive out hate (x2) Only love, only love, only love can do that, only love! Time of Silence Welcome Mark Miller Mourners’ Kaddish Rabbi Deb Smith Psalm 121:2 Time of […]

25 October 2018

Prelude Chorale Prelude on “Rhosymedre” Ralph Vaughn Williams Processional “Be Thou My Vision” UMH #451 Call to Worship One: Beloved, the living God, the Holy One, the God who never forgets has called us to remember. Beloved, the living God, the Holy One, the God who always remembers has called us to rejoice. And what […]

24 October 2018

Gathering Music Welcome Dr. P. Kimberleigh Jordan Opening Song “We Resist” Mark Miller Scripture Dr. P. Kimberleigh Jordan Matthew 25:14-30 (The Message) It’s also like a person going off on an extended trip, who called the servants together and delegated responsibilities. To one servant was given five thousand dollars, to another two thousand, to a […]

11 October 2018

Gathering Music “I Wanna Be Green” by Mark Miller I wanna be green, because I love the earth! 3x The earth is my home! Won’t you be green, because you love the earth! 3x The earth is our home! A Directional Prayer of Gratitude and Invocation House of the East:  In this place, where the […]