16 February 2021

You can view this service live at noon at http://www.youtube.com/drewtheochapel

Gathering Music


Led by Hayoung and Mark


Welcome to chapel! We are glad you’ve come to worship and pray with us. During the service, we ask that you keep yourself muted so that everyone can hear our worship leaders. You are welcome to turn your camera on or leave it off. If you’d like to follow along you can find the order of worship at http://www.drewchapel.com. We invite you to greet one another in the chat.

Come, let us worship God together.

Opening Song

“Not in a Hurry” by Will Reagan

Led by Brendan Fox

Lord I don’t want to rush on ahead
In my own strength
When You’re right here

I’m not in a hurry
When it comes to Your spirit
When it comes to Your presence
When it comes to Your voice
I’m learning to listen
Just to rest in Your nearness
I’m starting to notice
You are speaking

Lord I want to love like You
I want to feel what You feel
I want to see what You see

Open my eyes, I want to see You more clearly
Open my ears, I want to hear You speak
Tell me your thoughts whats on Your mind
I’ll be your friend, I want to see through Your eyes
I want to see through Your eyes


1 Timothy 3:14-16

14 I hope to come to you soon, but I am writing these instructions to you so that, 15 if I am delayed, you may know how one ought to behave in the household of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and bulwark of the truth. 16 Without any doubt, the mystery of our religion is great:

He was revealed in flesh,
vindicated in spirit,
seen by angels,
proclaimed among Gentiles,
believed in throughout the world,
taken up in glory.


Rev. Dr. Nelson Cowan


Rev. Dr. Nelson Cowan

Musical Response

Led by Mark Miller

Prayer of the Day

Read by Jiwon Yoon

The mystery begins
Where the winter finds its feet and the rush of frost and chill
competes with the old hope of incarnation.
Darker nights unfold and with the fading of the light the sun weakens
held by this frozen earth wrapped in winter’s frost.
The mystery of the ancient hope is alight once more
for from the stump of Jesse the dry old tree of David’s line comes a new branch,
a new shoot cracking through the season with a promise yet unfulfilled
this is the hoping, the waiting for all things to be made new.
Let us gather round the words the prophets spoke long ago and believe:
God is with us – even here, even now. Amen.


Rev. Dr. Nelson Cowan


“Guide My Feet”

Worship Notes:

Prayer: Adapted from a prayer written by Roddy Hamilton, and posted on Listening to the Stones. http://newkilpatrickblog.typepad.com/nk-blogging/mucky-paws/

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