22 February 2023 – Pause & Pray

Image: https://stmargaretmary.org/ash-wednesday-e-formation/

Every Wednesday at 12pm we invite you to pause & pray with us. Today’s Pause & Pray is written/curated by Michelle Bodle, T’ 2011.


Body Blessing for Lent by Joyce Rupp

Joyce Rupp, Prayer Seeds: A Gathering of Blessings, Reflections, and Poems for
Spiritual Growth
, (Notre Dame: Sorin Books, 2017), 88-89.

May the Gospel teachings about non-judgment resound in your thoughts
of others.

May you listen closely to how god invites you to grow spirituality during
this Lenten season.

May you carry your cross of difficulties with courage, trusting God’s
strength to uphold you.

May your service be so intertwined with God that this love overflows
from your heart.

May you keep turning your heart toward God and allow this love to be
reflected in the way you live your life.

May you welcome God’s companionship and guidance as you travel the
path of life.

Return with all your heart.
Remember the Holy Spirit dwells in you.
Be at peace.


Ash-shifters by William B. Jones
Maren C. Tirabassi and Maria I. Tirabassi, Before the Amen: Creative Resources for
(Cleveland: The Pilgrim Press, 2007), 48.

Ash-shifter stirring,
Prodding dried sott,
Turning burnt ember:
Peer close to the grey.
Lift careful edgewise
As if it were precious,
Chard letters fading
Papered remains.
Show me what to keep
And how to let rise,
Smoke column wafting
Years and lives.
What is shifting in you on this Ash Wednesday?


Kyrie Eleison (Lord Have Mercy)

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