2 November 2022 – Pause & Pray

Every Wednesday, we invite you to Pause & Pray with us. Today’s Pause & Pray is written and curated by Esther Inuwa.

(Artwork: Fall Leaves snapshot by Esther from Drew University Campus – Daniel 2:21)


Lord, help us to understand the order of the events of life which occur at different times and seasons in our lives.
Give us the ability to move from one situation to another with relative ease.
Cause any change from within and around us to shape us, direct us, illuminate us, and enable us to become what you want us to become.
May Your grace uphold us.
May Your strength strengthen our focus in this time of change.
May Your love overshadow us,
And in all we do, may we grow as change comes.
God, you are in control because You change times and seasons.
You depose kings and raise up others.
May You reign in our lives and guide us with your light, Amen.


Despite the chaos of the world’s events, know that God is in control.


God is in Control
Twila Paris

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