21 October 2021 – Chapel


Mark Miller


Damien Domenack

Prayer by G. Oberman and translation by P. Márquez

Creative tenderness, embrace us in that love that liberates
And remind us that it is on the way where you want to meet us.
Inclusive announcer of new worlds, sit at our table
and do not leave until you share those words that defy us,
That invite, provoke, pacify, enlighten and encourage to follow you.
Delicate breeze, supportive company of every day,
passionate Spirit that surpasses walls and transcends borders,
dance and sing with your people as we seek the fullness of life.


Dr. Jesse Mann

A Prayer written by Gerardo Oberman and translation by P. Márquez

Seguir soñando
Seguir soñando, utopías, no quimeras, de mundos mejores,
de sociedades más justas, de una tierra más amada, de personas más sensibles,
de abrazos más sinceros, de palabras menos mentirosas,
de miradas más transparentes, de cuerpos menos maltratados,
de manos más abiertas, de oídos más atentos, de gestos más solidarios.
Y ante cada acción violenta, más ternura.
Ante cada provocación, una sonrisa.
Por cada expresión de odio, una respuesta de amor.
Por cada insulto, una sonrisa.
Seguir amando, a pesar de todos los odios.
Seguir construyendo, a pesar de todos los golpes.
Seguir creyendo, a pesar de todas las desilusiones.
Seguir perdonando, a pesar de todas las traiciones.
Seguir buscando, a pesar de todas las desapariciones.
Seguir sembrando, a pesar de los suelos áridos.
Seguir trabajando, a pesar de todas las soledades.
Seguir avanzando, a pesar de todos los miedos.
Seguir esperando, en medio de todas las desesperaciones…

Keep dreaming
Keep dreaming, utopias, not chimeras, of better worlds,
of fairer societies, of a more beloved land, of more sensitive people,
more sincere hugs, less lying words,
of more transparent looks, of less mistreated bodies,
more open hands, more attentive ears, more supportive gestures.
And before each violent action, more tenderness.
At each provocation, a smile.
For every expression of hatred, a response of love.
For every insult, a smile.
Keep loving, despite all the hatred.
Keep building, despite all the blows.
Keep believing, despite all the disappointments.
Keep forgiving, despite all the betrayals.
Keep looking, despite all the disappearances.
Keep sowing, despite the arid soils.
Keep working, despite all the loneliness.
Keep moving forward, despite all your fears.
Keep waiting, in the midst of all the despair …

SCRIPTURE – John 10:14-16 NIV

President of the Latinx Caucus – Kenia Vanessa Rodriguez

14 “I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me— 15 just as the Father knows me and I know the Father—and I lay down my life for the sheep. 16 I have other sheep that are not of this sheep pen. I must bring them also. They too will listen to my voice, and there shall be one flock and one shepherd.

SONG – Enviado soy de Dios

David Gaitán


Paola Andrea Márquez Leones


Rev. Rosario Quiñones

SONG – Enviado soy de Dios


Rev. Rosario Quiñones


Ahyvin Bruno – SIN TEMOR

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