22 September 2021 – Pause & Pray

Artwork: Chris Suerdieck, 2021, used with permission

Every Wednesday at 12pm we invite you to pause & pray with us.


A cup of cold water, that’s what you asked for, God of Justice and Mercy. A cup of cold water for the little ones striving to make their voices heard. A cup of cold water for those who march out of anger and despair, out of a persistent hope for a better tomorrow; a tomorrow where they and we won’t be so thirsty.
Why does hospitality matter so much to you, God of all Creation? Why does the way we treat the thirsty among us, the way we welcome a prophet who tells us a truth about ourselves that we can only barely begin to hear, the way we welcome those whose righteousness is coarser than ours, more lived in than ours, matter so much to you? And why do you keep insisting that the best way, perhaps the only way to see you, is to welcome, is to love our neighbor? Why are you with those who cry for justice? Why are you with those who are thirsty for righteousness, or maybe just thirsty from walking the streets and are hot with anger and unrest?
A cup of cold water, that’s what you asked for, O God of Justice and Mercy; God of Hospitality and the Blessed Community. That doesn’t seem so much, really. Except that it just might begin to change our world. Amen.

(Adapted from Derek Weber, June 2020, Discipleship Ministries)


Mark 9:41 “For truly I tell you, whoever gives you a cup of water to drink because you bear the name of Christ will by no means lose the reward.”


“Wade in the Water”

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