24 March 2021

Osnat Tzadok. Abstract Sunrise.


God of grace and beauty, in whose image we are all created, be with us in these first days of spring. As green grass pushes through the dregs of old snow, so too may we find new reasons to come alive. Help us to celebrate joy in every single place we find it, no matter how small, no matter how fleeting. May we see you in the beauty of the earth, in the sound of our loved one’s voices, and in the greetings of our neighbors as they pass by on the street. May these first breaths of spring be filled with the hope that resurrection is on the way, that vaccine distribution will lead to a renewed sense of liveliness and safety. Until that day when we can emerge into the world once more, we wait, we mask-up, and we hope. In the name of the redeemer, we pray. Amen.


We invite you to spend time in quiet meditation on this image. Where do you see signs of spring today?


Chris Springer, “In the Garden” http://bit.ly/CSgarden

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