17 March 2021

Najma Merchant. Call to Celebrate. Acrylic on canvas.


God of thunder, God of silence, you are present in all and with all. After a year of watching the Covid-19 death toll climb, we now mark our days with a new set of numbers – one that brings us ever closer to the day when we can sing and laugh together once more. We celebrate with our friends and family as they receive the vaccine and await the day it will be our turn. In this simple act we show love to our neighbors, just as you taught us to. In our thunderous cries of grief, in our quiet, cautious hope, you dwell with us. Surround us with your comfort and fill us with the strength to remain steadfast in our practices of social distancing as we begin to see the first signs that the after-times are on their way. With hope in the one that brings each and every new day, we pray. Amen. 


We invite you to spend time in quiet meditation on this image. What are you celebrating today?


Israel Houghton, “We Worship You” http://bit.ly/IHWeWorshipYou

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