3 March 2021

Vandana Mehta. In Search of Light. Gesso, Ink, Oil, on Wood.


God of the wilderness, sustainer of the lost, lonely, and brokenhearted, be with us in the quiet of evening. When the busyness of the day has settled down and we are left alone with our thoughts and grief, make your presence known to us. We have spent a year sitting at the foot of the cross, staring into a world of death and pain. As we remember and contemplate our own mortality in this season, help us to lean into the hope of resurrection. Though we are still physically apart, help us to find ways to walk this Lenten journey hand in hand. May we find rest in your comforting embrace and hope in the knowledge that a new day is coming, and with it, new life. In the name of the risen one, we pray. Amen. 


We invite you to spend time in quiet meditation on this image. Where did you see hope today? 


“You Were Pouring Wine” by Will Reagan http://bit.ly/WRpouringwine

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