27 January 2021

Michelle Pier. Abstract Warmth.


Sacred Mystery, in whom all that lives finds it’s being, we give thanks for another sunrise, another day filled with opportunity. Though the days are short and cold, may we find warmth of heart and strength of spirit in the shared work of this community. Shape us into agents of hope and compassion, so that we may continue to build a world we can be proud of. Tonight we pray especially for missing Drew student Ajay Sah. Be with those who are searching for him, give them clarity of mind and purpose. Surround Ajay’s friends and family with love and compassion. Look upon us with mercy, O God. Hear our prayers. All this we pray in the name of the one who is love eternal, Amen.


We invite you to spend time in quiet meditation on this image. Where do you find warmth today?


“I Believe” (feat. Lydia Munoz) http://bit.ly/ibelievemm 

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