20 January 2021

Photo by Kelsey Wallace, 2013.


Holy One, who makes all things new, we give you thanks for all of the ways that you are inviting us into newness today. Today begins a new semester and a new presidency – this is a day filled to the brim with potential and shrouded in hope. Renew our spirits for the hard work of healing. May we have compassion for ourselves and our neighbors. May we be bold in our hope, compelled toward justice, and diligent in our search for equity. May we enter this new season of learning ready to be challenged, cared for, and encouraged to grow. In the name of the way-maker, we pray. Amen.


We invite you to spend time in quiet meditation on this image. Where in your life are you experiencing newness today? (Photo by Kelsey Wallace, 2013). 


“Faithful” by sisterbrother http://bit.ly/faithfulsisterbrother 

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