19 November 2020

On Transgender Day of Remembrance, we take time to intentionally honor the transgender people whom we have lost to anti-transgender violence. A disproportionate number of those victims are young Black transgender women. To learn more about how this intersectional violence lands on this population, we invite you to review this blog entry, which influenced our planning for this event.

From the planning committee,
Sarah Williams, Rebekah Keazer, Chris Paige

Gathering Music

“Lament” by Mark Miller

Call to Worship

Sarah Williams, Rebekah Keazer, Chris Paige


Reading of the Names

Video by Rebekah Keazer
Readers: Rebekah Keaser and Paola Marquez

Musical Response

“Child of God” by Mark Miller


Sarah Williams, Rebekah Keazer, Chris Paige

Litany of Response

Written by Sarah Williams, Chris Paige, Rebekah Keazer
Readers: John Bergen, Dani Hobbs, Alisyn Klock, George Whitfield, Eunchul Jung, Brendan Fox, Brigid Dwyer, Chris Paige, Rebekah Keaser, Paola Marquez

Offering Invitation

Brigid Dwyer

Sending Song

“We Resist”

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