30 September 2020


A Poem from a South Korean Nun, Hae-in Lee, reflecting on Chuseok–Korean Thanksgiving Day:

Moonlight Prayer / Hae-in Lee (trans. Woo Lim Kwak)

With the longing for home
Of you and me,
Chuseok becomes a Full Moon.

May the way we look at each other
Be as gentle and soft as the moonlight.
May our lives
Shed the darkness of greed
And become brighter.
I pray with my hands
That I will be more round like the moon
Without any hatred and prejudice.

Before the sky,
The fine moon rises in my heart.
Hang Chuseok Moon in your mind
And be happy all the time, like a Full Moon!

달빛기도 / 이해인

너도 나도
집을 향한 그리움으로
둥근 달이 되는 한가위

우리가 서로를 바라보는 눈길이
달빛처럼 순하고 부드럽기를
우리의 삶이
욕심의 어둠을 걷어내
좀더 환해지기를
모난 미움과 편견을 버리고
좀더 둥글어지기를
두 손 모아 기도하려니

하늘보다 내 마음에
고운 달이 먼저 뜹니다
한가위 달을 마음에 걸어두고
당신도 내내 행복하세요, 둥글게!


We invite you to spend time in quiet meditation on this image. What do you long for today? What do you need to shed?


A Song on Hangawi: http://bit.ly/Hangawipost
(Hangawi is another name for Chuseok)

Today’s post was compiled by Hayoung Kang, GDR Student & Chapel Musician

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