2 September 2020

Tonight, if we were able, we would gather in Craig Chapel to participate in one of the most beloved rituals of our community. On a typical matriculation evening, Seminary Hall swells with voices as faculty prepare to process in their academic regalia and students usher friends and family into the chapel. The joy and anticipation are evident. It is an evening to listen, to learn, and to be formally welcomed into the Drew Theo community. For the incoming class of Theo students it is the beginning of an academic adventure, which we recognize with an invitation to sign the matriculation book. Each and every new Theo Student has the opportunity to join their name to a long list of students who walked this journey before them. In so many ways, the book is a witness. It holds space and time at the center of our community reminding us of the generations of colleagues, saints, friends, and mentors that surround our life together in the forest. Though we cannot come together in person to witness the signing of the book by our newest colleagues, we invite you to pause with us and pray for them.

God of the Ages, pour out your blessing on our newest students. May they feel the presence of the Drew community with them today despite our physical distance. Embolden them for the adventure ahead, enliven their spirit of curiosity and their desire for knowledge. May they find kindred spirits with whom to grow. In the name of the one who was, and is, and is to come we pray, Amen.

We look forward to the day when we can gather once more around the book to celebrate the ongoing life of our beloved community!

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