2 April 2020


Mark Miller

Call to Worship

Mark Miller

You came to us, Word made flesh,
to show us what it means to love.
You came to us, Word made flesh,
to teach us how to serve.
You came to us, Word made flesh,
to clothe the naked and feed the hungry.
Come to us now, Holy Wisdom, Holy Word.
Show us. Teach us. Clothe us. Feed us.

Hymn of Welcome

“Hosanna, Laud Hosanna”

Rev. Taylor Bean


Hayoung Kang

Psalm 118:1-2, 19-29 (CEB)

1 Give thanks to the Lord because God is good,
because God’s faithful love lasts forever.
2 Let Israel say it:
“God’s faithful love lasts forever!”

19 Open the gates of righteousness for me
so I can come in and give thanks to the Lord!
20 This is the Lord’s gate;
those who are righteous enter through it.

21 I thank you because you answered me,
because you were my saving help.
22 The stone rejected by the builders
is now the cornerstone!
23 This has happened because of the Lord;
it is astounding in our sight!
24 This is the day the Lord acted;
we will rejoice and celebrate in it!

25 Lord, please save us!
God, please let us succeed!

26 The one who enters in the Lord’s name is blessed;
we bless all of you from the Lord’s house.
27 The Lord is God!
The Holy One has shined a light on us!
So lead the festival offering with ropes
all the way to the horns of the altar.
28 You are my God—I will give thanks to you!
You are my God—I will lift you up high!
29 Give thanks to the Lord because God is good,
because God’s faithful love lasts forever.

Introduction of Speaker

Dean Javier Viera


Dr. Ediberto Lopez

Sung Response

“I Believe”

Mark Miller


Kelsey Wallace

Jesus, when you walked on dusty roads or sat by glistening waters, you met people where they were. When you bent down low to touch the leper, or raised your eyes to touch Zacchaeus’ heart, heaven and earth were met.

And so our prayer today is that our world will know your healing touch and your forgiving heart. That those who have been hurt by insincere actions and damning words will hear your healing voice. That those whose lives are filled with dark thoughts, or unimaginable fears, will know your peace.

Walk beside those who are close to giving up hope and where life seems to have no point; where people struggle to make ends meet and fear the police knocking on their door. May all those who are suffering feel the touch of a caring heart and an end to injustice and fear. May all who weep and mourn, or feel abandoned and unloved turn towards your voice, move towards your arms and hear the whisper of your presence in the long hours of night.

Inspire us and encourage us to bend down low; to embrace those for whom society has no time or patience. Raise our eyes upwards to see the struggling patient and the exhausted caregiver. Where young and old stumble and fall, may we be there to offer support, so that all will know that your love is transcendent. In the healing name of Jesus the Christ we pray, Amen.

Blessing & Sending


Mark Miller

Worship Notes:

Call to worship adapted from: PC(U.S.A.) UKirk Worship Resource
Prayer adapted from: a prayer written by Rev. Eleanor Macalister, and posted on the Church of Scotland’s Starters for Sunday website.

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